Marketing is like Prayer

Marketing is like Prayer, it has to be done Religiously to be effective. If you are not getting your message out then you are invisible. So you have a small business and you need to have more customers to get more income. There are a lot of “Experts” online that will sell you a course to help you market your business. So now you have to watch videos or read about how to get more customers. Some of the information is hard to follow and some is down right complicated. The average small business owner is too busy building their empire to take time out to read books and watch videos.


I have owned several businesses in my life and marketing takes a lot of time, some skills and the costs can be high. So what is the best way for Entrepreneur to build their business without taking a lot of time watching videos and reading books. They need to get a system to market their business and grow their income. Entrepreneurs time is valuable and it is more cost efficient for you to have a system that automates most of the work. The million dollar question is where to get a system that does most of the work without spending hours searching the internet.


The  marketers online make marketing seem easy until you buy their product. I am here to tell you promoting your business online is not as easy as it seems. Websites, social medis,SEO, all the website tech stuff and then there is Google compliance and the high cost of ads can really confuse a small business owner. What you don’t need is another marketing course telling you what you already know. You need a simple system that walks your potential customers down a funnel through the buying process. We have put together a system that saves you money and helps you get more leads and customers in your business so you can spend more time working your business instead of your business working you. 

  • Spend less time promoting your business
  • Slash your advertising costs
  • Simplify your daily tasks
  • Scale your business quicker


We had the same problem when our small business was new and needed customers. The internet is full of get rich quick ideas to promote your business and most are scams. So after we retired I decided to do some research on marketing systems and how to find an efficient one. We took an online course on systems and then searched for good marketing systems but came up short. All we either too expensive or too hard to implement. After much thought we finally decided to build one that would serve the small business owner and that was easy to use and very low cost.


Ministry Dude Marketing came up with a low cost high effective system that builds a relationship with potential clients. It lets the Entrepreneur free up time form social media marketing, website building and many other tasks that take time and money to implement. Get free information about this remarkable system now and save some time and money on your marketing.

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