You stink at Marketing

If your a Minister,Mechanic,Retailer, Wholesaler or whatever business your in, many Entrepreneurs don’t have any training in marketing their business. Yes being a Minister is still a business and you need to know how to market yourself to be able to raise funds for your cause.


Spreading the Gospel makes me nervous and I really would rather be preaching online or at our Ministry but getting out in public is part of marketing yourself. As a business owner getting out and networking with people is the biggest fear many Entrepreneurs have. Most online business training courses and even some college courses don’t really teach us about marketing our primary business to make our business a success.


Taking your business to a profitable level requires some marketing training. You can attend a webinar and learn a little about marketing but most webinars are just a door way to a high priced course and you may not even get the results you are looking for. Some webinars are informative but 99.9% are just a teaser to get you to buy a high priced product.


I am not saying that webinars are all bad but if you spend your time attending webinars and buying the next greatest product and not getting results, then you need to step back and look at yourself. Not being negative but maybe its you wasting time looking for the next shiny money making object that is the trouble. Many people looking to make money online or offline never put into action what they learn and move on to the next shiny object.


Instead of wasting your time going from one course to another why not stop and smell the roses. Get yourself a marketing platform that has everything you need to make your business a success while building multiple streams of income. Stop being a rabbit and hopping from one opportunity to another when you can get rich for sure instead of trying to get rich quick.


Get a system in place and follow it to long term success not short term get rich quick failure. Getting a good education in marketing is essential to success and the platform we use is the best way to start. It has everything you need to build your primary business and create multiple streams of income.




Thank you for reading and have a Happy Easter

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