Why not write a book
Why not write a book
Ads are popping up all over the internet teasing people about all the millions you can make with an ecommerce store. One such ad caught my eye when I was researching online store software. This guy who's name I will not mention had an ad for an online webinar. It looked interesting so I signed up for the webinar. The webinar was interesting but the guy claimed to have made 2 million dollars in 2 months with a shopify store starting from scratch. I did not believe this hogwash for 1 minute and could not find documents to back it up. There are professional marketers that don't make that kind of money.

People will say anything to get your money by promising ecommerce store success. After the webinar I was taken to a page that asked questions about my finances and that threw up a red flag right there. They want to know how much money you have so they can sell you a rehashed course on ecommerce. I know there are good courses on ecommerce success and my advice is to sign up for shopifys free 2 week trial and explore their store software. Also sell stuff that not everyone else is selling on the internet. When I first started I researched for 2 years and found good quality merchandise to sell.

Don't follow the crowd and sell cheap stuff from Asia. Get good quality stuff because people will pay a little more for quality merchandise. Most of the products from overseas take weeks to arrive or not arrive at all. The best advice I can give you is to research products that are currently hot sellers. Then find a dropshipper who carries that product and set up an account. Advertise on facebook,youtube and some of the other social media sites. There is a trick to facebook advertising so you don't spend a bundle testing ads. What I do is create a post and publish it, then I boost the post and spend a maximum of $10 for 7 days. USA product directory and dropshippers book HERE

You can set it up for as many days and as much as you want. You can also control the demographics and what people see your ad. Stay away from google adwords until you build up some money. My best advice for adwords is research keywords and learn how to use them to make the maximum profit from. Adwords is tricky and you can loose your shirt in a hurry if you don't know what your doing. Google has free training for adwords just search google for adwords training.

When all else fails, write and publish a book. Traditional publishing used to be difficult but with the rise of Amazon publishing, Lulu publishing and countless other platforms to get your message out, getting your book published is easier than ever. No hoops to jump through to get a publisher to read your book and no putting out thousands of dollars up front for expenses. Grab some training and a few tools and you are off to the publishing races. Publishing a book is a lot less stressful and more cost effective than an ecommerce site.

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