Where are you going in life
Where are you going in life

Where are you going in life

It doesn't matter where you are from or what you have done in the past. The only thing that matters is you let Jesus in your heart and move forward. The world is a selfish place with most people having the what's in it for me syndrome. Some of us are blessed with all we need and help out those less fortunate. Others are blessed with all they need and turn their backs on those that are in need. The jails are filled with people who have made mistakes, but instead of getting the help they need their problems are multiplied by the legal system.

This system is not set up to help those who need it most, it is designed to mask the problem and create a revolving door on the jail house. The system has a lot of flaws and the people who run the show are only looking out for what's in it for them. If you have a loved one incarcerated you know all too well how much of a money game it is. If you put money on their account to talk to them or let them buy stuff, the fees are almost 50%. This is not punishing the inmates, only their loved ones.

There is already a financial strain on the family but adding excessive fees to keep in contact with them and make sure they have necessities only amplifies the problem. If a husband or wife is incarcerated it reduces the amount of cash flow the family has. Even if it is a child or other relative, it has put a strain on an already tough financial situation. Now with the cost of gas and other essentials doubling, people have to cut corners and that usually comes down to cutting back on unnecessary stuff.

A loved one in jail is usually the first thing to get bypassed and then other things get cut out. On top of all this, when they do get out of jail and settle back into society, the deck is stacked against them. Now they have fines to pay and have to get a job to be able to pay those fines. They usually move back in with family or friends that they got into trouble with and the cycle starts all over again. Most families start with cutting back on food and clothing and then they downgrade their cars and then their homes.

The stress starts building and their health gets affected from the side effects of inflation. Even if a family has no loved ones in jail the side effects from the constant rising prices of goods and services takes its toll. Everyone is pointing fingers at politicians, oil companies and big corporations putting the blame on them. Politics does play a big role in the price of goods and services and so does supply, demand and the war in Ukraine. Corporate greed and even price gouging also has a hand in the high cost of essentials.

Real Estate prices have gone through the roof and rents have doubled in the last year. I believe the biggest reason for this is the rent moratorium the Government put in place. Consumers basically got a free ride and landlords paid the price for it. Now that the pandemic has subsided a little, the landlords are inflating rents to recover their losses. Consumers did get a break on rent temporarily but now they have to pay for it with interest. The homeless population is going to increase because people are priced out of affordable places to live.

In hindsight we can see that the rent moratorium the Government thought was going to help consumers, only put them deeper in a hole. So as always the Government just put a band aid on the problem and amplified the hurt they put on the people. I may not have all the fixes to the economic problems but I do believe people can start a side hustle and build steps to climb out of their hole. You have at least one book inside you just waiting to get out. You have knowledge about something that others are willing to pay for. In your spare time learn about online business and marketing. Get a family member or friend to help you and make a partnership out of it.

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