When all else fails write and publish a book
When all else fails write and publish a book

When all else fails, write and publish a book. Traditional publishing used to be difficult but with the rise of Amazon publishing, Lulu publishing and countless other platforms to get your message out, getting your book published is easier than ever. No hoops to jump through to get a publisher to read your book and no putting out thousands of dollars up front for expenses. Grab some training and a few tools and you are off to the publishing races.

Sounds simple in theory but if you don't get the right information and the right tools to help you, your ship you thought that has finally came in will be sunk in the harbor. Writing and publishing books is a business and should be treated as one. It is a simple and stress free way to make a good living online, but you need the right tools and training.

Take it from someone who has tried almost every business under the sun, publishing books is a stress free way to have a comfortable life. I was the type to follow the next big thing when it came to businesses. I tried everything from MLM to Real Estate and writing and publishing is by far the best way I have found to start a business with little money.

I have experience with buying and selling Real estate and when they say you can buy Real estate with no money down they don't mention the hidden costs associated with buying property. Unless you have a backer with a lot of cash reserve I suggest you wait until you have a fat wallet before adventuring into buying Real Estate. I remember a deal I did where the seller agreed to sign the title over to me if I cleaned up the place, sold it and gave him half the profits. 

His dad had passed away and he couldn't afford to hire a Lawyer to get the property turned over to him so I made an agreement with him for a 50/50 split after expenses. We made up the paperwork and signed it, then the Lawyer did a search on the property to check for leans. After a couple of weeks everything came back clean so I proceeded to clean and fix up the property. After a month everything was done and we put the property on the market.

Within a week offers started coming in and within a month we got a solid cash offer on the property. We signed the paper work and set a closing date for a couple of weeks out. The morning of the closing the agent called me and said we needed a document for medical bill release and a document for a lien release. Lien release? apparently after the title search and before I registered the deed at the court house a family member put a mechanics lean on the property for several thousand dollars. It took a while to get the mess straightened out and cost me several thousand dollars of profit. That is why I write and publish books and stay away from the stress of Real Estate.

Writing and publishing books doesn't require you to tie up thousands of dollars and doesn't require all the stress that goes along with it. A little bit of training and a few simple tools will help you to achieve your financial goals in life. God wants you to prosper and grow because that's the way he designed you. For a limited time you can pick up a free copy of our book Secrets to Publishing on Amazon Kindle. Add your name and email below for your free copy now!